Rules and etiquette

Rungsted Golf Club wants members, guests and green fee players to feel comfortable in the club. This requires that the club’s rules and etiquette are respected. Members and guests are expected to behave and act in the club’s best interest and to respect the course and other facilities. All instructions from staff must be complied with. Breach of rules and etiquette may result in a warning, quarantine or exclusion.

In general

Mobile phones should be turned off or set on silent mode. Mobile phone conversations are only allowed on the parking lot in front of the club house.

Club house and terrace

Golf shoes must be cleaned of soil and grass before entering the club house.
Golf shoes are not allowed in the restaurant’s fireplace lounge.
Lockers are available in the dressing rooms but they must be emptied at the conclusion of play. Keys must be left in the lock.
Glass, bottles and tableware may not be taken into the dressing rooms.

Practice ground and Putting green

It is forbidden to hit balls over the fence.
Always avoid hitting balls on to the par 3 course.
Ball baskets must be replaced in holders after use.
Repeated breach of rules will cause confiscation of range card.
Collecting balls from the range must only be done in case the ball automat is empty - and in safe conditions.
When playing the par 3 course use the mats when driving.
The area of the mat close to the shed is reserved for lessons by the club pros.
Driving from grass area is only allowed when a rope is laid out – remember to collect and replace turf. The area must be repaired using the grass seed mix.

Pitching-green and bunker area

Never hit balls towards the parking lot.
All balls must be collected after practice.
When using the bunker, due respect must be paid to players on the par 3 course.
Bunker must be raked after use.

On the course

The greens keeping staff have priority on the course and you must await for their signal before playing your shot on any hole where they are working.
Only wooden tees are allowed.
Pitchmarks on greens must be repaired and turf on fairway must be replaced.
Bunkers must be raked and rake placed inside the bunker.
Trolleys are not allowed on tees, greens or in bunkers – or between greens and bunkers.
Scooters are only allowed with the board’s approval and requires a medical certificate.
Please do not drive from the 12th and 17th tee when a train is passing.
Playing is not allowed if people are passing the public paths on 4th, 7th and 11th holes.
No training on the course – including bunkers and greens.

Please avoid unnecessary delays on the course

Keep the speed up – especially when the course is busy.
Limit the number of practice swings.
Always wave through – and as soon as possible - if the players behind you are faster than you and the hole in front of you is clear.
Always wave through before you start searching for a missing ball. Non-reversible although ball is found.
Place your bag towards the next tee before walking on to the green.
Single players must yield to groups and must let everyone through.
A round of golf should not last more than 3 hours and 55 minutes.

Dress code

Polo-shirts and shirts with sleeves must be worn. Ladies may play in sleeveless polo-shirts.
Golf shorts or trousers must be worn.
Golf shoes are required.